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Wednesday Evening Class
Meditation made Simple & Emotions Workshop

This eight-week course running from 27 April to 15 June 2011 will introduce five different meditation techniques and application of meditation knowhow to help work constructively with the emotions including anger, obsession, delusion, stinginess, arrogance, dissatisfaction and blindness to virtue. The course will be held on Wednesday evenings at the Northwest Centre for Buddhist Meditation in Stockport.(the lesson content is shown below).

Teaching is free, however it would be appreciated if you would make a minimum donation of £5.00 each time you attend a session towards the cost of centre upkeep and the breaktime tea & biscuits.

The meditation course will be led by Ven. Phra Nicholas Thanissaro B.Sc., M.A., PGCE who is a Thai monk of UK origin. He has been a Buddhist monk for fourteen years and has twenty years of Buddhist experience. He has been giving popular meditation courses in Europe since 1997 and has several television programmes, audio CD's, in-flight relaxation channels, books and book translations to his name.

The course is usually attended by a group of twenty comprising seasoned meditators and newcomers alike. A brief introduction to meditation is provided even for newcomers joining mid-course and the group meditates together each time for approximately forty minutes.

The lesson roster below shows the content of the talk given at each week's workshop.

Session 1: Wednesday 27 April 2011

  • Meditation: 7 Bases of the Mind
  • The Nature & function of the Mind
  • Mindfulness

Session 5: Wednesday 25 May 2011

  • Meditation: Visualizing with no mantra
  • Stinginess & shortcomings in generosity
  • Developing effective generosity

Session 2: Wednesday 4 May 2011

  • Meditation: visualizing@centre of body
  • The 'rust' in the mind
  • Dealing with mental impurities 

Session 6: Wednesday 1 June 2011

  • Meditation: Pure Observation
  • Sensuality: Transcending rather than repressing
  • Non-attachment to meditation results & other facets of independenc

Session 3: Wednesday 11 May 2011

  • Meditation: visualizing@centre of body
  • Faults of implementation & lack of thoroughness
  • awaking from the drunkenness of life

Session 7: Wednesday 8 June 2011

  • Meditation: Pure Observation
  • The Slippery slope of anger & hate
  • Nipping anger in the bud
  • Demystifying ignorance
  • Life attitudes that facilitate meditation

Session 4: Wednesday 18 May 2011

  • Meditation: visualizing with no mantra
  • The Slippery Slope of Materialism
  • Contentment & cultivating it

Session 8: Wednesday 15 June 2011

  • Meditation: Loving Kindness
  • Arrogance & self-satisfaction
  • Ingratitude & Blindness to Virtue  
  • Patience as elixir for all ills
  • Progress towards purity of mind

It would be appreciated if you would reserve your place in advance by submitting a the online reservation form to help us estimate numbers for catering and room layout. 

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