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Overview of Buddhist Pastoral Activities
Buddhism is a religion of peace and is an inspiring alternative for the new generation. The North-West Centre for Buddhist Meditation is one of several local centres doing its best to provide a range of Buddhist pastoral activies for the thousands of Buddhists living and working in the UK: 

  • Courses: Courses in English on meditatation and Buddhism are held regularly our centre. See details and reserve online below.
  • Observation of Buddhist Festivities: Thanks to the presence of several resident monk we are able to observe most of the festivals in the Thai Buddhist calendar. 
  • Monastic Invitations: Invitations for house-warming, birthdays, funeral rites and memorial ceremonies can be arranged by appointment. 
  • Sunday Services: Sunday services held in the Manchester centre (10.00-14.00H.) are of a Buddhist character. 
  • Buddhist library: (imminent) We welcome contributions of Buddhist books and bookshelves with a view to setting up a library of Buddhist books and media materials for public loan in the near(est) future. 
  • Thai language classes (aimed at UK-born Thai children & British adults) are planned for Saturday lunchtimes throughout the academic year. (call for details
  • International Exchange Programmes: The centre annually sends members to join youth and meditation programmes in Thailand.