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Sunday Afternoon Thai Language Class
Introduction to Thai as a Second Language

This ten-week course running from 8 May to 24 June 2011 is aimed at UK-born Thai children who want to learn to read, write, undestand and converse in Thai language. If you are an adult who wants to learn Thai, you may join the course, but as children are our first priority, don't blame us if you are treated like children! The course will be held at the Northwest Centre for Buddhist Meditation in Stockport. The course will be held weekly, on Sunday afternoons (except the first Sunday of the month) from 1.00 - 3.30p.m.

Course Teacher
The language course will be taught by a team of experienced volunteer teachers who are native speakers of the Thai language.

Who can benefit from the course?

  • UK-born Thai children - aged 8-15 (who will emphasize reading and writing).
  • British adults - aged 16+ (who must learn all four language skills) and

Expected Lesson Content
This is a short pilot course to guage response. In ten weeks the course will be able to cover reading and writing of the Thai alphabet (consonants, vowels and numbers), background on Thai-Buddhist etiquette and some basic conversation. If all goes well and the class and teaching staff prove sustainable, a continuation of the course from September onwards will start on the Primary 1 textbook for Thai language.

What does it cost?
Teaching is free, however it would be appreciated if you would make a minimum donation of £40.00 per student/course the first time you attend the course as a contribution towards upkeep and heating of the centre.

How can I enroll?
It would be appreciated if you would reserve your place in advance by submitting a the
online reservation form

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