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Wednesday Evening Yoga Classes

Why join the Yoga classes?

Yoga has been around for 5,000 years, it is an ancient art and science from India, originally designed to strengthen and align the body, quieten and focus the mind for meditation. The Asanas (postures) were orally passed down in Sanskrit by the ancient sages then drafted into drawings and poetry. There are various schools of yoga varying in name and style, all adapted from classical Raja, Hatha Yoga. The practise of yoga strengthens and helps to purify the nervous system so we can most clearly percieve and interact in the world in a concious and positive manner. The word Yoga means, literally to yoke or join. In yoga we integrate the mind, body & spirit into one cohesive unit. All one needs is an open mind to partake!

Class Schedule

The classes will be held weekly, on Wednesday Evenings from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. The classes will run from with the teacher informing students of any breaks in the class schedule.


Course Leader

The course will be led by Jeannette Slavinski (BSY) Jeannette has been a practitioner of yoga for 20yrs. She trained in India under the Sivasoorya Divine School of yoga to become a Hatha yoga teacher. Her classes are a poetic flow of oneself, encouraging flexibility of the body and mindfulness, helping you to travel the inner transendental road towards union and harmony.

What does it cost?

Each session costs £5.00 towards teaching and upkeep of the meeting hall.


What do I need to bring?

• wear modest, loose clothes comfortable for yoga;

• your own yoga mat/block(s)


Where will the course be held?

The course will be held at the Northwest Centre for Buddhist Meditation, 233a Edgeley Road, Stockport SK3 0TL.

It is not obligatory to enroll. You can just turn up on the day and feel free to bring friends. Leaving your email address on the attendance list will allow you to be kept up to date with any breaks in the classes. If however, you would prefer to have confirmation that the class is running on the first date of your planned visit, please send an email to studio777 [at] This will also help the organizers estimate numbers for catering and setting out the meeting hall. 

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